Is there a way to see the video player update as I make timing adjustments to events?

This is something I got used to doing a lot of post-production work in Pro Tools - basically, whenever you adjust regions (whether you’re editing the heads or tails of a region, slipping the audio, or moving the region altogether; or also piano roll and automation adjustments), the video player will update in real time as you drag. This is especially helpful when you want to time an audio region to exact thing happening on screen, or an edit point.

I checked the video preferences menu but didn’t see any setting for this. Is there any kind of menu option I’m missing, or does this simply not exist in Cubase?


Yes, it is. Enable the Video Follows Edit Mode option in the Transport menu, please.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for (but didn’t know what to call it so I wasn’t having any luck with googling for it). Thanks for the quick reply. This is fantastic!