Is there a way to send SysEx to VSTis from within Cubase 12?

I am trying to send some old JD-800 banks to the Roland Cloud JD-800. The JD-800 will only read BIN files and the files I have are in .SYX format

Can it be done without costing a fortune?

I can’t seem to find a converter anywhere on Google.

Never tried it but I would check to see if it can be done with MIDIOX. The program is free, and they have a good forum where I’m pretty sure someone could give you a definitive answer.

Is there a way to send SysEx to VSTis from within Cubase 12?

Yes, SysEx can be sent from a regular MIDI track in Cubase but Cubase doesn’t know if the receiving instrument (real or virtual) is designed to receive SysEx.
MIDI SysEx Editor

Unfortunately, if it isn’t documented in your user manual, only Roland will know if you can send SysEx dumps to your JD-800.

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Both are good suggestions guys. Thanks :slight_smile:

@SF_Green MIDI-OX is a great free utility but the Sysex part (but correct me if I am wrong) only works for hardware synths.

@mlindeb I’ve tried that and it seems it is a case of the latter. :frowning:

You could try e-mailing these guys and see if they can do the JD-800. They currently do exactly what you’re looking for, but only for the JV-1080 and D-50

Also, looks like a thread going on around this topic over on KVR