Is there a way to set the default text position to below the staff?

In Dorico, is there a way to set the default text position to “Below” instead of “Above”? Additionally, can I set this default to be different per Paragraph Style?

I’ve created a custom paragraph style called “Roman Numeral Analysis” that uses the Campania font, and I was hoping to set its default text position to be “Below” the staff.

I really recommend using the lyrics tool for RNA. It works much better.

I’ve also designed a font for RNA called MusAnalysis, which you can get for free.

I second Dan’s point. In answer to the question: no, not at present.

MusAnalysis Overview - YouTube Wow, this is awesome! The reason I was tempted to use the Text pop-up instead of Lyrics is because of suspensions, and indeed, the video uses the Text pop-up for suspensions. Would you recommend this?

No, that video is outdated. You can turn OFF “make space for lyrics” and use the lyric tool. Watch this video: MusAnalysis demonstration - YouTube

You can also do “trackbacks” which allow you to correctly align the resolution and join the extender lines.