Is there a way to show a beamed group without noteheads in Dorico 2?

Is there a way to show a beamed group without noteheads in Dorico 2, similar to what is shown in this example?
beamed group without noteheads.png
thank you in advance for your help.

The only way to do this at present is to select the noteheads and use the ‘Color’ property in the Common group of Properties to make them transparent.

OK, Daniel. For now, I’ve changed the noteheads to a grace note sized X notehead, which is relatively unobtrusive, kept all the noteheads on spaces so the noteheads don’t overlap the staff lines. I’ve used the properties to color them white, as “whiteout”.

Thanks Robert, for this detailed explanation. I’m bookmarking this post for future reference :slight_smile:

rpmseattle, thanks for your steps to achieve that!

only problem I have: I cannot find “Notehead Sets…” - where is this located? I searched everywhere I can think of (Dorico2)

short clue? thanks!

Robert has just tipped his hand, here. He’s using a pre-release beta version of Dorico Pro 2 and not the released version. We are working on a notehead set editor, to go along with the playing techniques editor that arrived in 2.0, but it wasn’t quite ready at the time of release, so we removed it in the last couple of days. Robert is still evidently using one of the final release candidate builds rather than the actual release.

The notehead set editor will be arriving in a maintenance update soon.

ah, ok - thanks Daniel!

On this occasion I want to thank you and your team for Dorico and its astonishing evolution. I went through Finale from v3 30 years ago, then for a short period Graphire Music Press (which died some time) … Dorico is pure relief in every aspect and a constant joy to use.

And thanks for your ongoing effort to answer questions here!