Is there a way to stop MCU control from auto-selecting/auto-enabling record on a fader change?

Anyone know? I’ve tried the different options in the Mackie setup window within Cubase, but they don’t seem to make a difference. (Enable Auto-Select / Smart Switch Delay etc.)

Obviously, i appreciate that the record enable is following track selection and i can adjust that via the preferences. So, really it’s the track selection on fader change which i’d like to be able to disable.

If i move multiple faders at once Cubase starts flicking between the channels like crazy, and don’t really fancy that happening in large projects. :slight_smile:

I’m not in front of windows at the moment but I’m sure there is a preference for fader change / track selection.

(just searched the manual but can’t see it though - so maybe I’m wrong…again!)

Some devices select the tracks with touching the fader. Disable this if possible…
I’m not sure but there could be devices that can’t disable this.

I think that’s probably part of the problem as it does occur when the fader is ‘touched’, not necessarily moved. But surely disabling “Enable Auto-Select” should sort this out?

Anyone think this is a bug perhaps? (I’m still on C10.5). I’m sure i’ve used Cubase in the past and this behaviour has not occured, but it may have been a different DAW as i used Logic a lot also.

this is not a bug
you have to deactivate the “select with touch” feature, but I guess it depends on the device if this is possible.

Can’t check it at the moment because I have no MCU device at hand…

yes - that’s the pref I was thinking of- and yes it should, specifically mentions the Mackie:

It’s not in the main manual which is why I couldn’t find it.

probably broken then ?

In all the years that I have played with the GR, MCU and others I have never seen that checkbox result in any function at all.


I remember that I configured my DM1000 without “select on fader touch” successful
but if I remember correctly it was a preference in the desk…

Thanks for that, and yes… looks like it is broken as changing that check box does nothing.

Probably pointless putting a request to have it fixed though, as i doubt any work has gone into MCU support for years, or is likely to in the future. :frowning:

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