Is there a way to switch the active marker track with a keyboard shortcut?

I’ve tried various things in the PLE, but nothing seems to work. I wondered if anyone had a solution for this. I use multiple marker tracks frequently, and being able to switch between them without opening the markers window or clicking on the track itself would be useful.


Perhaps you could expand on this.

The PLE would be my first stop doing this - probably using some sort of naming scheme as the basis for Track selection. Not at Cubase right now for a closer look.

I took a look at this when I got on Cubase. The PLE below should do it. In order to work you’d need to have one of these for each Marker Track and put the name of the Marker Track at the top. I’ve marked the important bits.

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Thanks for this, very much appreciated. I will give this a run, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this, and it didn’t work for some reason, but maybe I screwed it up. I’ll try again and report back.

It’s so easy with the Logical Editors to have one tiny thing off. This worked when I tried it.

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Yeah, good point. I’ll try again when I’ve got some time, thanks!