Is there a way to view only all posts by a single user?

A few of you guys are amazingly helpful, and I’d like to be able to scroll through just your posts alone to help me learn better.

Thanks in advance for any help so I can group posts by user! :grinning:

PS: What does it say about our society in general that it is so easy to find a “Mute” or “Ignore” button, but not an “I love this poster!” button? :smile:

Just click on the name and there you can find different information about the users…


Thanks, @st10ss !

I was doing that, but at least here it requires two clicks, and I was only doing one, so no go.

Much appreciated!

Next question :grin:

Is it possible to review only all the posts, from all posters this time, that I have “hearted”?

See: Advanced Search

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That was extremely helpful. Thank you, @steve !

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Yes, the Advanced Search is really powerful. Worth looking at it for sure.

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