Is there a way to "Write automation for enabled parameters" like in Pro Tools

One thing I think is incredible in Pro Tools is the “Write Automation to All Enabled Parameters” (keyboard shortcut (Command+Option+ Forward Slash (/)) which writes automation to selected region. When using “touch” mode in automation it allows me to paste specific automation parameters to specific regions, selected clips and so on without interrupting plugin settings in the other parts. This is mostly used in film audio, less in music.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do that in Cubase Pro?

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In Nuendo at least you can

  1. set the region (loop) you want to apply settings in
  2. select “Preview”, “Fill” to “to Loop”,
  3. copy all of a plugin’s parameters.
  4. paste the plugin settings on the plugin which should load those settings into the “preview” buffer (the “punch” option should then go from grey to white)
  5. press “Punch”.

That should ‘fill’ the ‘loop’ range with all parameters that are in the buffer, which also means you can collect more plugin parameters and add them to the buffer by repeating steps 3/4.

Also read up on “Touch Assist”.

Again, my experience is with Nuendo so not sure if it’s the same in Cubase.

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Unfortunately in Cubase Pro automation panel is limited :frowning: