Is there a way to .xml edit/re-order MediaBay favourites?

Super annoying how the order of MediaBay favourites can’t be changes or at least auto-sort by alphabetical order.

Is there a .xml file that can be opened to re-order this or?

It’s a sql db.

Any chance it’s something like SQLite or MariaDB? Could we work out how to access it with a SQL DB client?

That’s annoying. major OCD trigger and it looks super stupid.

Guess I’m going to have to just remove and re-add everything

I’m on my Macbook (Cubase 9.5 only, no USB dongle) and… I could open 2 x DB files using a SQLite client. They’re not encrypted but I couldn’t (yet) find any sign of MediaBay favourites in either.

Then I noticed that there’s a file called MediaBrowserFavorites.pxml in /Library/Preferences/Cubase9.5/Presets/ - and when I look at the contents, there are a bunch of elements that… I think look like favorites (they’re the kind of thing I’d favorite, anyway).

If C10 still uses the same file, maybe it’s worth taking a cast-iron backup copy of that file, then swapping the order of a couple of the 's and seeing what happens to MediaBay when you next open Cubase?

Thanks I’ll take a look


The file does contain the names of my directory favourites, I will try and re-order it later when I have time to do backups.


If it’s a sql database then the order is going to be determined by the “order by” section of the sql query rather than their physical order in the table.

Are they using stored procedures to fetch the list? (I don’t know if SQLite even supports stored procs.)

If they are, you can edit the query in that proc. If not, and they’re performing the select statement via literal sql statements in the compiled application code, there won’t be much you can do about it.