Is there a way to zoom just using the trackpad? C13

hey guys is there a way to zoom on cubase 13 Pro in a macbook pro just by using the trackpad (kind of like final cut pro)? pinchbar doesnt work for me on C13 (it only worked for me in C12)



No, unfortunately, gestures are not supported in Cubase.

Hey Xerix,

in case you missed the recent development, PinchBar 0.3 is now public fixing compatibility with Cubase 13

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downloaded and works perfectly! thanks.
I just wish it would run all the time without me needing to double click the pinchar application

Easy: Just create a login item for PinchBar in macOS’s System Settings.

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oh cool I didnt know that!

(On PC), I never know macOS equivalents)

Ctrl + 2-Finger Swipe - zoom horizontally
Ctrl + Shift + 2-Finger Swipe - zoom vertically

Unless by “just” you mean no modifier keys?

I can use pinch zoom to zoom horizontally on my Windows laptop. No modifier keys required.