Is there an arpeggiator or similar ?

Hello all,

I’m quite surprised that there is no easy way to set an “arpeggioed” MIDI event in Cubase. It is done so easily with GarageBand for example and way so easy to configure. But under Cubase Elements 9.0.20, I have not been able to find the way to have a chord played through various arpeggios : up scale, down scale, random notes, on a single cave range or 2 or more octave ranges…
I’ve been training, after having watched video tutorials, with creating a Chord Track, sending it to a MIDI track, and applying various shapes of this last one (piano player or simple or guitar player)… but there I’m stuck (correct ? I’m French, sorry), I can’t find the way to get more.
So of course, there is the “monophonic arpeggiator”, but I haven’t found any tutorial about it.

Would you give me a help about this ? Thank so much in advance for any advice :slight_smile:


There are two arpeggiators in Cubase: Arpache. You can use them as MIDI Insert effects. But I’m afraid MIDI Inserts are not part of Cubase Elements. Are they?

I’ve juste been told Apache and SX came with the 2 bigger versions of Cubase (i.e. Artist & Pro), as well as RETROLOGUE.
Lay be I should turn myself to the free plug-in called BluArp…

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I know what you want to achieve, but based on what I think…I would suggest a more advanced or flexible arpeggiator for chords.

This is free and it takes time to learn, but it’s very good IMO. The number of options and flexibility goes far beyond most other freebies.

This way you don’t have to think about chord tracks etc in Cubase.