Is there an Audio Mixdown Preview (in Cubase Artist 10)?

I am wondering if there is a possibility to preview the WaveForm of an audio MixDown ?
This would help to see if the signal is to low or if there are peaks.
Currently, I have to perform the export, open the file in Audacity to see the waveform , and if needed, correct by exporting again with different mixer settings.
Thanks for adavance.

No, there isn’t, because in order to render a waveform visualization, you need to render the whole project.
I think that you maybe have the wrong approach, though. I would never look at the resulting waveform display to decide whether the file is OK. That doesn’t make any sense to me as it really does not provide good information.
What you probably should to is have analyser plugin (like SPAN or Youlean Loudness Meter) and get used to working with RMS or nowadays preferably, LUFS values. That way you can target your mix to be at e.g. -14LUFS integrated and be sure that it has an overall level that works.
Peaks in the waveform aren’t a problem either, unless they go over 0dbFS, which can cause clipping. But if you set your limiter on the master channel to say -1dbFS, you’re on the safe side.
Izotope has a good explanation about the different metering options here: