Is there an audio sync function? For video editing for example?

Hi there.
live recording + mixer recording
isnt there a simple click (like in every video software) to sync/align two audio tracks?
and im not talking about “vocal alignment”…that function wouldn´t work I guess because it affects the audio.
thanks, matt
(I have Cubase 12)

Unfortunately not. Cubase only generates Smpte TC it will not read it. There are work arounds. There’s an old YouTube video that shows if the files are broadcast waves and have embedded TC you can set you start point in the project manager. Now Cubase can follow MTC so if you were covert Smpte TC to MTC then it should theoretically work. I’ve never done this method myself so YMMV.

Yeah but that´s a joke no?
It would be the easiest thing for them to implement and could help me and other people a lot I think?
Do they read here?

I don’t have Nuendo myself, but maybe it’s in there - since Nuendo is geared for post production workflows?

For example, there’s a Field Recorder Audio Import feature.

The differences between Nuendo and Cubase are listed here:

Maybe everybody else knows exactly what is meant here but I don’t. Can you explain in what way two events (not tracks) should be synchronized? Start positions, speed? I would need more details, please.

I dunno what the op is talking about either…and I slave sync multiple Cubendo machines all day long to the tape machines.

He seems to be talking about two audio tracks in a single daw in one sentence …then hints at video…somewhere…another machine?

Very unclear as to what the op is trying to do.

I think he is talking about sync audio recorded separately (using a standalone Tascam digital audio recorder for example) to a video (using the audio from the camera as base for sync). The camera audio would be used only to sync.

Live recording of a concert.

  • 1st recording: iPhone Cam Mix
  • 2nd recording: signal straight from the mixer

for video you want/need to sync both files to edit/layer them.
I have to sync them manually. a video software has a button and syncs them instantly. why does cubase not have that function?
hope its clear what i need:)

Do the two tracks drift? Otherwise I can’t see lining up two recordings taking more than a few seconds.

I’m guessing it’s because Steinberg considers that a “post production feature” reserved for their more upscale software serving that market: Nuendo.

It appears to have exactly what you’re asking for, if I understand this tutorial video correctly:

ok thanks
well Cubase has the normal Alignment, yes.
Maybe my file was too big.
And yeah, it is/would be a big help.

Have a 60min mixer recording and a 5min (song nr 7) track to sync. you need to search first etc. takes time if you do lot of them.
video software much smarter here.
but its an Audio thing so I expect Cubase to offer that more than a video software;)

If the files have time code within them then this can easily be done in Cubase. Without it it is going to be manual adjustment.

The function is “insert at origin”
If you right-click on an audio clip inthe Pool you can get to this menu.

No, still not clear when you say “a button”. No mention of the video software either. I don’t use Apple products.

You also aren’t mentioning the type of sync the camera outputs or how it outputs that signal physically from the camera. Perhaps it’s burned in smpte…perhaps not. You also seem to indicate you are loading a file from a camera…not actually playing realtime from the camera side-syncd to secondary software. But maybe not.

You haven’t mentioned the machine that has the second stream of audio. Is it the camera? A different camera? No camera? Secondary sound is on what device? Embedded with timecode? Not embedded with timecode?

Just not enough detail.

However, in the general world of video machines synchronized with daw, it’s easy to synchronize outside video machines video/audio to Cubendo via synchronizers/resolvers. I historically use motu Digital Timepiece.