Is there an auto stop feature?

This question is probably regarded as silly and trifling… but is there a way to auto stop Play at the end of a project? I’ve just switched from Sonar Platinum which had that option. I would love to check a little box in Preferences for that, or to set a Key Command “play until final marker.” Any suggestions for a Cubase newbie? And I would love to be able to import my songs from Sonar, but that’s a pipe dream. So far everything else is working great! Thanks so very much in advance!

Hmm that would be useful

You could use an Arranger Track. Define one single arranger element containing you whole project en play that once.

the only auto stop that I know of is the stop after drop in function cant remember what its called but its in the prefs page

ooops punch in punch out

This. Easiest way to work around and takes about 10seconds to set up.