Is there an easier way to swap positions of articulations and playing techniques?

Here is an example of a suspended part. It has accents, along with open and muted sounds of the cymbal.

Dorico places the accent below the “open” symbol. I am wondering if there is an easier way (and more precise way) to flip the order to have the accent above the “open” symbol.

I know I can drag in Engrave mode, but there isn’t a lot of precision in lining items like this up measure to measure. I am aware that this example, I could just copy and paste. I am asking more for future reference.


Unfortunately there’s no way to automatically influence this at the moment.

One possible trick would be to create a playing technique version of the accent; then you could use the ‘Tucking index’ property to specify that the open articulation should go closest to the note by setting it to 0 and the faux accent to 1.

If you put the accent stem side, there’s only one thing to move manually (the accent) - the lyrics will automatically correct themselves as soon as you nudge the accent back up. The Y offset is from the default position of just below the beam, so as long as you’re consistently working with notes on the C space that offset should give you the consistency you need.

Thanks for the replies! I will give these ideas a try.


Why not a playing technique with both the open and accent?


I was just looking for the same feature… :slightly_frowning_face: