Is there an easy way... (external FCB1010 - Assignments)

Hello folks,
Is there an easy way to control different functions in Cubase (13) with the Behringer FCB1010?
Specifically, I would like to assign start/stop/record/metronome to three buttons on the FCB, and then I would like to control the GuitarRig7 with the midi pedal, for example.
The instructions in the documentation are (still…?) too extensive for me, I regularly get lost… ;-(

My device is a MacBook with C13, UR44, FCB1010 (connected to the MacBook viaUSB).
Are there a few essentials…? Is there any hope? :wink:
Thanks a lot!


Yes, use the MIDI Remote Assistant, please.

Hi there, I’ve made a video on how I set up my FCB1010 to control transport functions in Cubase using the MIDI Remote functionality. Unfortunately this won’t let me post a link here, but if go to YouTube and look for Splooty Vision (which is my YouTube channel), it’s the latest video I’ve posted.
Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, thank you very much! That really helps me!!!