Is there an easy way to easily rewrite C| into 4/4?

I found this old thread, but I wasn’t sure if I should resurrect it, so I’m creating a new one instead, with the very same question.

I don’t know if it’s plainly wrong or not, but it very much accommodates me to read 16th notes in 4/4 instead of 8th notes in C|. So any transcription I do, I do it in 4/4 directly. However, someone else might want a part later on, and they’d prefer that it was in C| instead of 4/4, and I find myself having to manually rewrite the whole sheet.

Is there a way to easily do this transformation?

Yes, using Insert mode and doubling/halving note durations. You may need to work in chunks or otherwise handle tuplets with care.

See this thread from earlier today:

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Finale and Dorico in one sense have the same limitation (currently) when halving or doubling durations. Implicit rests can cause parts and voices to misalign. That, as well as the tuplet situation, constitute a good reason to work in smaller sections so one can immediately spot situations where voices get out of kilter.

My sense is that these situations are easier to fix in Dorico if one catches them early.

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Lovely, I will try this as soon as possible Thank you very much!

This is good information, thank you! I don’t think I will encounter such problems. It’s just instrument parts for songs, one instrument at a time. Not complex writing at all, but still time consuming to write the transformation from scratch.

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I can empathize with you. Recently I needed to convert a 12/8 piece into 4/4 swing time. It was a trip.

Best wishes for your upcoming efforts.

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Oh dear. Now I understand your caution about triplets.