Is there an easy way to hide triplet number and brackets rather than doing this one at a time?


Still plodding.

I have some music with many triplets, which by default are showing the number and bracket.

Is there any simply way to select all these triplets and hide the numbers and brackets in one swoop, instead of doing this individually on each triplet?

Thank you.


(Dorico 2.10)

Select all, then Edit > Filter > Tuplets.
Then set whatever you like in the properties panel.

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Thank you.

There are some options for this in the Repeated Tuplets section of the Tuplets page of Engraving Options. Dorico can hide repeated tuplets after a certain number of repetitions (which can be 1 if you want).

Sorry to bring this up again, but I’m not sure if it was recognised as a setting request when it came up the last time. If tuplets are set to show brackets only when necessary (i.e., tuplets on the note side or incomplete tuplets), would it be possible to set Dorico not to show the brackets if more than one tuplet is beamed together?

Daniel quite clearly answered the request last time, didn’t he? Tuplet brackets show after XML import, plus two other questions - #5 by Vaughan_Schlepp - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Where is the repeated tuplets section of the engraving page located? How do I find it? Thanks!

Engraving Options > Tuplets > Repeated Tuplets

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Sorry I feel like an idiot. Where is that menu located? I can’t find it. Is it under the Engrave tab on the upper left side of the interface? I don’t see any “Engraving Options” menu. I’m on Mac OS by the way. Maybe it’s different on Windows?

All Options are under the Library menu.

You may not have access to Engraving Options if you have Dorico Elements or SE.

I’m on Dorico Pro 5 for Mac OSX

Yes!!! I found it under the Library menu. Cheers!