Is there an Event List in Cubase?

In Cakewalk’s Music Creator I can easily bring up an event list of all the MIDI events, including controllers and whatever. I can then edit them from there. Does Cubase haver anything like that? Can’t seem to find it, no matter where I click.

I know that with the pro edition you can access the List Editor which is exactly what you describe. As well as the Project Browser which includes all data not just MIDI. Not sure about the others, but you might as well try… If you click the MIDI dropdown at the top of the main Cubase window and can’t see Open List Editor, then you’re probably just stuck with using the Key Editor. Same with if you click the Project dropdown and can’t see Browser as an option.

If all you want is to edit MIDI messages numerically, you can do so in the Key Editor by selecting a note or MIDI CC and editing the values in the “info line” which is just the black area above the piano roll.

Thanks. Looks like I’m limited to the Key Editor, which is better than nothing. :slight_smile: I should be able to work with it. Unfortunately with the current USD/CAD exchange rate, I simply can’t afford the Pro version. We’re talking almost $800CAD here. :open_mouth: