Is there an official features request list?

Dorico has the requirement to be the new standard in notation software. For me, however, the software is still far from fulfilling this claim. I searched the forum and found nothing like this.

Dorico is not finished. It has a promising concept. But I would not like to pay the high cost of the purchase still updates for functions which are now simply missing. And I do not mean any specialties!

I must have the follow functions:

  • Coda, dal Segno usw.
  • Repeated Bars (whit the like % sign)
  • Notation for drumsets (Rhythm notation). Multi-Instruments on different lines)
  • Accordsymbols
  • Different outputs for repeated structures (deutsch: Voltenklammern)
  • Import from a MIDI file into a flow (now it’s only into a new project possible)
  • A key-editor for input and editing music (like in Cubase: record live with a click (metronom))

Apart from the last point, the functions MUST have a standard notation software for pro’s. They are missed in Dorico now.


There are actually quite a few posts about feature requests on the forum; most (maybe all) of your requests have been asked for already.