Is there an option for the starting notes in a bar to be close the the start?


Is there a way to have a default setting so that the notes in the music at the beginning of the bar are closer to the start of the bar.

I may not know enough about typesetting music and may be entirely wrong with my observation.

Please see the example.

Many thanks.



There are indeed a couple of settings in Engraving Options>Spacing gaps, thought the spacing in your example has more to do with the voice column indexes.
I would say that you could make your example look better just by flipping (change the direction of the stem) the C (if you need to show the three voices) or if you put the C in the same up stem voice as the A.

Yes, agreed, Dorico will produce a more compact result if you put the stem of the C eighth up rather than down.

Hey Rafaelv and Daniel old buddy going back at least 15 years :slight_smile:

Thank you for your excellent observations.

This piece is for classical guitar.

I want the notation to be universally acceptable for notating classical guitar music (my own compositions).

Both your suggestions are great. With the flipping of the C eighth up rather than down as Daniel suggests, the result looks very good, but I wonder if this is acceptable guitar notation.

I am just getting into guitar notation requirements because I want to typeset over 80 pages of my olden days guitar compositions, and I want the typeset result to be absolutely perfect.

I will be publishing all the little pieces as a book/books as well as downloads.

Best wishes to you all, and I remain absolutely gobsmacked at the power of Dorico

= Dorico is the best chuck out the rest.


I’m not an experienced guitar engraver, but my understanding is that the use of voices is often somewhat flexible. I think it would be fine here.