Is there an option to update the layout?

It seems that sometimes some elements do not automatically update its position. For example, I was changing manually the distance of a piano staff. There were some crescendos and dynamics between them. When I finished moving the staff, those elements did not change their position, but when I dragged them in engrave mode they correct themselves to be centered. Something similar happened to me a while ago, but concerning dots. The dots where colliding with flags, then turned on and turned off some attribute of the dot and it corrected its position. So, I’m wondering if there is an option to update (refresh) the layout of the score in Dorico. If there is, I wasn’t able to find it.

No, there’s no such option – normally, it’s not necessary. If you have any reproducible cases where things don’t update as you expect, please zip up and post the project here together with instructions for how to reproduce the problem, and we will of course take a look.

Dorico does what I said above by default. I made a video showing what I am talking about (I don’t remember how I found the dot problem, so I can’t reproduce it):

I saw other complaints about this issue in this forum and I think an option to update the layout would solve this problem. Of course you know what you are doing and what you want to achieve (Dorico doing everything automatically, perhaps), but it is difficult to trust a software that changes things “randomly”, specially if I am using it professionally, as in my case. Anyway, this is only a suggestion/request.

EDIT: I just realized! The way to update the layout is closing and opening the score…haha. It would be an annoying workaround.

Thanks for the video: that makes the problem very clear, and now I’ve seen the video re-reading your original message is also clear enough too – sorry for not understanding the specific problem before.

I think this is simply a bug: when you change the staff spacing manually, the processor responsible for dynamic positioning should be given the chance to move the dynamic into the correct position. I’ll log this and we’ll make sure it gets fixed in a future version.

For now, you should find that simply switching to a different layout and back again (rather than closing and reopening the score) or even simply adding a note will cause the dynamic to spring into the right position.