Is there an update planned for Studio Pass (iOS)?

Is there an update planned for Studio Pass (iOS)?

I’m sure you’re aware that (in the meantime…?) it’s rather unusable with a current iOS (15.6.1): random freezes after trying to change the settings, or trying to switch to the front camera on the phone etc…

It seems not many people are using VST Connect, but without a flawless experience on all sides of the users, Steinberg will not gain any market share with this… So why not try and invest some time and effort, and also raise prices?? Why not, if it worked, the concept would be so cool and far easier to use for all participants, especially clients, than many of the market competitors. Or: why not abandon it all together, then at least I know for a fact that could have spent this money more wisely :wink: … It’s a bit frustrating to invest in a good idea and not get much back…

Thanks for any clarification!


Hi @balint ,

we are planing a new version and we will also update the iOS apps.

See you

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(Ah, hold on)

… can you please give us some more details here? Is your experience iOS version specific? It worked in previous versions? Can you please give us a a step-by-step repro?

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Hello Steinberg
I am also having the same problem im on iPhone 13 version 16.2

The app will not let me switch to front camera, and the app crashes and freezes a lot.
This needs to be updated I use this App for musician friends who are not Savy and with limited patience

Surely your company can get a half dozen of different cell phones and Test your software for the next updates.
I use Cubase 12 and the VST connect products and very happy with them and folks that use VST performer works well
So let’s get the “Studio Pass” app updated.


Which options do you get when you press to “SETUP / Video Device”? What happens after you have selected “Camera : Front Camera”?

Do you have some informations, please? Do you see any patterns which triggers a crash or freeze?

Thank you,

Hey Spork,
Is it expected that a set of standard wired apple earbuds will push the mic signal straight to the earbuds? Seems to be often at the edge of feedback with some bluetooth models.
Also , it’s pretty unhappy about the V5 VST Connect and I cannot get the reliability (or much of anything actually) that I get from the V4 version. Is this a known issue?