Is there an upgrade discount going from Dorico Pro 3.5 to 4.0?

Can’t find a topic for this or if this is a thing, but I bought Dorico Pro 3.5 at the end of 2020 and was wondering if there’s a discount or not or if I would have to pay the full price?

$99 I think is what I paid, pleasantly surprised at how cheap it was. And after discovering how packed this release it quadruple bonus!

Yes, there is an upgrade price from 3.5 to 4, which is cheaper than upgrading from an earlier version, and cheaper than buying Dorico new at full price.

See the Pricing and Availability section at the end of this article:

All you have to do is log in on Steinberg’s website and it will show you what your upgrade options are. You should not have to pay full price.

I just bought it and it says the student version of pro 3.5 isn’t upgradable. Is this true or an error with the activation process? I can’t really afford to spend another £300+ on an update to Pro 3.5 If this isn’t the case, who do I communicate with to get a refund?

You can update your Pro 3.5 version (edu or normal) at 99.99€/$ whatever your money is. Since Dorico 4 is out, actually. Romano401 is right. Maybe someone from the team could chime in and lend a hand…

My experience is that when it’s marked as not upgradable, it’s because it has been upgraded to 4. Either you have 4 and aren’t aware or you do indeed have an activation error.

Yeah, definitely an activation error. I’ve flagged it with support so hopefully it can get solved.

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Yes— this is the documented behavior. Early in the installation process for D4 you are prompted to put in a code; this marks the old 3.5 license as not upgradeable so that you can’t double dip. I suspect that if you check the new Steinberg activation manager you’ll see your D4 license happily waiting for you. Once the old license is marked as “not upgradeable” you have no need for the old software (unless you still want to keep an old Dorico dongle lying around or you use other Steinberg software that still requires it). Your D4 license only exists in the new software, so do be sure to double check there.

If you open that second application, you should see this (at the same time the old elicenser looks just like your screenshot above):


After trying what Romanos401 suggested, I’m still having issues sadly. My license cannot be found now using this method, and when I go to use the Activation Manager, it won’t let me update the existing patch. I’m getting no luck trying to get through to technical support too. Can someone get back to me on this?

Also, can someone in the Dorico team please streamline this process? This is ridiculous. I’ve never had so much issue trying to install an update after spending close to £100 on a product. It really feels clunky and unprofessional just how difficult it is actually updating the software and how obtuse the method of going about this is (it’s not the activation code bit in the e-licenser, it’s in the Activation Manager, except it’s not because it relies on the elicenser, you can see where I’m going with this).

Drar Vasioth,
The licensing system is changing. You have received a code with your update fee. That code is to be copied in the Steinberg Download Manager. From there, everything should be smooth… I think there’s a pinned thread where Daniel Spreadbury describes the whole process — but seriously, for me, it has really been a matter of copying the code on the right field in the Steinberg Download Manager and follow the path that was going on…
Anyway, once the Activation Manager is on play, the e-licenser is out. It should display something like "the app is no longer unreadable " (because it’s already upgreaded as much as possible) and you shouldn’t bother about it.

@Vasioth, I’m not sure what you mean by:

Could you elaborate?

I’m sorry that you’ve had problems with the update process; it has gone smoothly for thousands of customers over the past few weeks, so in general it is working as intended.

In terms of getting the issue resolved, probably it’s best if you let me know the ticket number you have with our support team and I can check into the status of your ticket.

Hello Daniel,

I realised the issue was that I was logged into another account in the Activation Manager. I linked my existing email to my old one with the products attached to them, however the Activation Manager did not realise this and I instead had to login to my original account.

Dorico 4 is now up and running. Everything is going fine although I’m having slight issues with getting playback from my VSTs. They all have the same device set up preferences I used for Dorico Pro 3.5 so I’m unsure what’s went wrong there. But essentially the main issue brought up ITT is now solved.


Just in case you’re on a mac, if you’re trying to connect to VST’s that are not M1 native, you need to force Dorico to run in Rosetta mode until the vsts are updated. You can’t have Dorico run natively using the ARM code and your VSTs running the intel code at the same time.

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Discovered the problem. Feel free to lock this thread now. Appreciate all the help thanks everyone.

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I’m glad you’re up and running!