Is there any Humanize function?

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i read few post about this topic but was not able to find anything concrete.
Is there a way to ‘humanize’ the score (e.g. random velocities param etc…) as in the DAW?


There are some options for humanisation of velocities and note timings in Play > Playback Options.

Thanks Daniel, i investigated the panel before.
Is there any plan to give more options for further Humanization? e.g velocities and other midi events.

No specific plans, but certainly these are the kinds of areas we’re interested in exploring.

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Hi @dspreadbury ,
Would be really great if you integrate the MIDI Quantize/Humanization panel which is available in Cubase.
It works great when it comes to making the sound more humanized. :slight_smile:

Would be great to have such panel per instrument in the Piano Roll of Dorico + options to humanize the Velocity directly there.

Please, think about this important improvement! :slight_smile:

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I always switch off the Dorico humanisation. It can perhaps be useful with very basic libraries but better ones have humanisation build in which is much more useful than anything currently in Dorico in my view and indeed tends to conflict with it. Which doesn’t at all mean it’s not worth developing. But as things stand, you’ll get better results by using libraries which are well programmed in the first place. Only my view of course and it depends on specific requirements.

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Hello @dko22 ,
Yes, I agree with you, but partly… the good libraries sound better without Dorico’s automatic humanization.
On the other side we need to be able to humanize the MIDI note triggering (if the note starts slightly before the grid, or slightly after). The only library that has auto humanization over the triggering is NotePerformer. For all other libraries we’ll need a dedicated panel as it is presented in Cubase, and of course Expression Maps Playback Offset which will affect MIDI notes which are triggered before the grid, or bar line. Currently the Expression Maps work only for notes on, or after the grid, or bar line.
I hope @dspreadbury and his team will implement the Expression Maps Playback Offset in the next major release! :slight_smile:

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Yes, as I see it, we need to be able to synchronise the EM articulations with the inbuilt delays of library Legato patches for instance. In terms of failing to correctly trigger articulations, I find in reality far fewer issues than one might expect but the potential for problems is certainly there.