Is there any other (more simple) way to hide rests in additional voices in one system

In Pianomusic many notes must be technically written as seperate voice in the same system, while this might produce automatically sometimes a bunch of rests I did not need and simply want to hide.
I have read the FAQ-Thread about defining always beginn and end of the voice for each added voice of which I do not want to have to see the rests. I am sorry but somehow this appeares to me “a bit” clumsya in pianomusic where different ways to play a Chord might end up in the use of plenty much voices in one system which autmatically produces very much rests I do not want to see.
Isn’t there any other perhapy more simple way to hide them?

OK I found what I was looking for with a forum search. So perhaps it would be helpful to have the FAQ-Thread concerning the hiding of rests updated with “You can hide the rest by choosing Edit > Remove Rests,”

You could also use this technique, combined with another : if you think there is no need to have all those different voices, you can select the notes, right-click them and use the Voices options (Defaults stems up of down). Then remove the rests you no longer want, but there should be less, since there are less voices used.