Is there any shortcut key command for 'enabling Read for only tracks that are with automation'...?

I am sure there would be one.
Or any way to make macro of this? :slight_smile:

I only see enabling all read or deactivating all.


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maybe making and saving a Project Logical Editor preset and recalling it via a macro?


Great question JohnShin, I’d use that all the time.
Gonna try Nico’s suggestion. Thanks!

Oh, ok… so for now, it can not be universally controlled, have to go one project by one, and time to time. I see. No problem :slight_smile:

Yes. They should make one. Just like, changing track view option, where you can view ‘only’ tracks with data :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand. – You should be able do the work once and then have the key command shortcut available in all projects without any additional work:

  • In Project Logical Editor window
    – Create desired function
    – Save this as a Project Logical Editor Preset with desired name
  • In Key Commands window
    – Scroll to folder “Process Project Logical Editor”
    – Find and select the name of the just saved Project Logical Editor Preset
    – Assign a Key Command to it
  • In any Cubase project from now on:
    – Press previously assigned Key Command to execute the function
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Thanks for this! but you have just written how to make PLE commands, I know how to do it :slight_smile: but… I mean I do you set up ‘enabling’ only tracks with automation data to ‘READ’ status…?!

There is no such shortcut for ‘enabling Read for tracks with automation data’ in the first place on Cubase.
Can you do it? on the editor?

sigh …

Is it fair to assume you didn’t actually try to follow the step by step outline I gave?

Once you save a PLE preset, it shows up in the Key Commands.

Sorry for being so ignorant! I will follow your steps again and try to do it again, enabling R for tracks with Automation :slight_smile: