Is there any smart way to only 'select' put-to-front chosen series of comped audio selection on a track?

1 . So before commiting to rendering it,
2. I carefully finished comping
3. All over the lanes, because, I have many takes (lanes)
4. Yet, I do not want to delete other sources ‘yet’
5. Lets say I finished comping for Chorus 1, and I would like to just copy/paste those ‘comped’ audio selection (roughly cross-faded)

I usually keep my finger on ‘SHIFT’ and select one by one…
But, is there smarter way/hot-key…?!

How do you all deal with this? :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for better solution of this, because essentially, when I close ‘open-lanes’ view, comped selections are all put-up-to-front? so… I was wondering if there is any quicker way to just select them!

I use Track Versions at key points in the Comping process.

After recording and before Comping I create a New Track Version and Comp that leaving the other Version untouched. If the end result is going to be complex I might even make a version or two while in the process of Comping. Basically creating backup points that I can easily return to if I want.

Then when the Comp is complete I use Render In Place to generate a new Audio File with just the Comped Audio. Typically I’ll set the Render to both Disable and Hide the original Track. At no point do I ever Delete the unused audio.

If a specific Project is going to have a LOT of Comping, I might use Save As… to create a variant of the Project that I only use for Comping.

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Oh my… how could I not think of that…

alternative track versions…
you saved me!!

Thank you sir!

Just to add…
“Save to new version” puts a number at the end of your project file name and increment it automatically with every new trigger… so you get different versions of your projects when ever needed…

Oh, thank you so much :slight_smile: