Is there any Steinberg APPAREL? Like hoodies, hats, shirts..

I would totally wear a cool Steinberg or Cubase hoody/t-shirt. Is there anything out there?

These arent really cuttin it:

…and thus began a series of copycat threads!

I need a nice big transparent sticker to put on my laptop lid. Native Instruments gave me some when I got Traktor of them, pretty cool :slight_smile:.

Aloha j,
I would proudly wear the ‘Cubase’ stuff but not
the Steinberg name stuff. No offense Charlie.

Who is this ‘Tommy Bahama’s’ guy anyway? :slight_smile:

this ain’t no ableton, there’s not much cool status associated with it that would make people want to wear it. the steinberg brand is about as cool as the german ‘british’ dude featuring in all their new product videos of late. ;-]

They could set up an official Cafe Press account for just about nothing, and there are plenty of gear heads who would make it worth the minimal time it would take to set up such a thing.

If they actually had to manufacture or custom order apparel, I might agree with you. But considering how easy it is for companies to put their logos on clothing, mugs, stickers with little-to-no investment risk or overhead, they’re just leaving money on the table.

(Ableton doesn’t seem to sell official apparel anymore, either, unfortunately.)

Yeah Cubase would be cooler than Steinberg. I kinda meant Cubase…but figured the Nuendo guys would get mad lol :mrgreen:

LOL…however, I do think Cubase is cool enuff. And if ppl dont “recognize”…F*CK EM.

I found this shortly after posting this thread btw…it looks like its in PORTUGAL though. Its totally what I’m lookin for.

Now that is kool!!

I would need one in lighter colours tho’ because of my location.

I’d wear 'em though I’d prefer a T-shirt and or cap.

You mean so the Five O don’t mistake you for a gang member? :laughing:

How about cubase mugs?
oh no… that’s us already!!! :wink:

Hoodie looks ok actually… Abbey Road used to do one or two nice tee shirts too iirc

Lol…that would ACTUALLY be Hawai’i 5-0, or MPD :mrgreen:

Tommy is the re-located son of the Hawaiian Tropic girl…

It looks as if the Cubase hooded sweatshirt is in Portugal…nice lookin’

I’ve got a Cubase T shirt!

They got handed out at a Cubase 6 event I attended in London (the Back To Music tour).

I’ve got a couple too, from club cubase events, also a Cubase 4 lanyard.

I’m jealous now! I don’t have a Cubase lanyard…but I do have lanyards from Serato, Verse, Cerwin Vega, Void, Delta Loudspeakers, American Audio, Kam, Gemini - and two from Pioneer.

The fruits of yearly PLASA shows.

Don’t know if it was C4 or C5 but one of them
came Cubase with a lanyard in the box.

I thought, is this used to carry the dongle?


Those lanyards are great for throttling people and dragging them into the woods…

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a :laughing: