Is there any trick to make Cubase rescan VST3 plugins? I can't get new ones to show up...

I am developing VST3 synth plugins in JUCE. The final files are .vst3 files. I have added these to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.

I got one to work magically after moving it around folder to folder. But I can’t get the next one to work. The VST plugin manager simply does not show it. It’s not showing up at all. It’s not blacklisting it.

I tried the rescan button (but this only scans VST2 folders) and the update info buttons but the new .vst3 is not showing up.

Reaper and Sonar find these VST3s instantly and add them with no problems.

Is there some particular trick to adding .vst3 files to Cubase that I need to know? I am using Cubase Elements 9.5 & 10, both of which give this problem.

Never mind. It was a JUCE issue. I needed to properly label each plugin differently with a different plugin code etc or Cubase was thinking they were all the same.