Is there any way I can use 32-bit plugins in Cubase?

Hello there,
I have a collection of some 32-bit VST Plugins that I would love to use in 64-bit hosts like Cubase and Ableton Live. Is there any way I can do that like a tool that converts them or something?

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but some colleagues use Metaplugin by DDMF as a wrapper for their older 32-bit plugins.


You can try to use jBridge or you can use VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro as an external server host (I would recommend this way).

I.e. Blue Cat Patchwork can achieve that as well!

EDIT: No it cannot.

Have they added this feature in the recent releases? According to a comment on this old blog artice, it is/was not possible to load 32-bit plugins in the 64-bit version of Patchwork, and they didn’t plan to add this functionality because of high performance impact.

Whoops, my bad, you are right!
Seems that only the Patchwork 32bit version supports 32 bit plugins.

Ah, ok. thanks for the info. That’s a shame. I was hoping they had changed their mind and added the feature in the meantime.

Yeah probably they did not do it, because they did not want to heave the reputation to release CPU hog plugins, as they could not find an effective way.

They could at least have implemented it as an “experimental feature” to enable/disable, so everyone who really wants to use it can do that, but knows, that its not intended to work perfectly at all times.

You want jBridge. It will allow you to use 32bit plugz in 64bit hosts, and 64bit plugz in 32bit hosts. I’ve been using it for many years and it has been a life saver for me.

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Hey thanks for the responses everyone. jBridge looks like a tool I could use but is there a free alternative to it? I can’t pay 50 bucks for something like that…

I don’t know where you got $50? It’s $15. If you’re not willing to spend $15 for a fantastic VST adapter, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m 14 years old. I don’t like spending my money. I’ll just use an older version of Cubase…

What are these 32 bit plugins that’s worth missing out on 7 years of DAW improvements for? (but apparently not worth your 15 bucks??)