Is there any way i can use the plugin Frequency in Wavelab ?


Is there any way i can use the plugin Frequency in Wavelab ?

I use Freqeuncy on allmost every track (that comes from the samples Halion 6 or Groove Agent 5).
When i want to batch samples with Wavelab, the Frequency plugin from Cubase 10 does not appear.
I would be very very very handy when plugins from Cubase 10 come up into Wavelab.
The Frequency plugin does not appear in Wavelab…



Seems like you buy CUBASE 10 and Wavelab 9.5, you cannot use the plugin Frequency from Cubase install in Wavelab.
I wanted to batch presets i made in Frequency plugin Cubase, to batch them into wavelab. Cannot do that, nice compatibillity…


You could try making this a feature request, in the WL10 request thread here:

Thanks did that…
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Frequency is based on the MasterRig EQ. So you have a decent and for the purpose of mastering tailored “Frequency” version in WaveLab.

Yep that would be OK if it would take the Presets i made from FREQUENCY to the MASTERRIG…
But that does not work.

That means all i did in Frequency in Cubase, i can now reprogram for the MasterRIG in Wavelab!
Great! And that for 17 instances…

But it is a solution…

So the feature request should be for the MasterRig eq module to be able to open Frequency presets.

Well, i think products like wavelab pro and cubase pro should link with each other. The time Frequency was there it seemed a very good EQ. But it is not a plugin you can use in several apps. Like not in wavelab or anywhere. In wavelab the MasterRig the same, not useable anywhere. You can also not load presets into each other.

How great i have to move like to FABFILTER EQ to do this…

So it is a feature request…

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I wasn’t really arguing with you, just pointing out that the ability to load presets from one into the other would effectively do what you need.

Personally, I’d like to be able to use the MasterRig dynamic eq in Cubase.

Your are correct, that should also be possible if you buy both software packages.


It is so crazy, i started to use FABFILTER PRO Q2!
Where i can do things in wavelab and cubase…