Is there any way to add an external effect inside Montage?

I’m interested in adding a external effect inside Montage on a particular song. I have each song right after the other but each song is on another track so I can put different plug ins for each song.

In the Master Section there is Asio Plug in option where I have added my external effects by assigning them in Audio Connections. Is there a way to add an external effect inside Montage effects for different song, as well?

Unfortunately the external gear tool is only available in the global master section and not available within the montage itself.

Instead of making an audio track for each song, you can also use Clip Effects which means you insert the plugin FX right on the clip itself. This way you can get by with just one or two total audio tracks for an audio montage and it’s easier to see and manage. It might also use less computer resources which would be good.

No effects in Montage is disappointing. If your mastering a record and the 3rd song you want to add a Cranesong Ibis EQ, you can’t in Montage. Hopefully this is what they could add in Wavelab 10 besides automation like Cubase has/

Thanks for suggesting Clips, still learning how to use this latest version. Just tried it and it seem to work well. I see there is still no delay compensation either like Cubase as well as there is some delay in the plug in reacting to the song.

This is part of why I do my analog play/capture process in REAPER and use WaveLab montage for final assembly, markers, CD-Text/Metadata, and final limiting/dither.

I’d like to see WL 10 or 11 make some improvements in the analog play/capture area but at this point it would have to come pretty far to beat my REAPER workflow for that.

Surely it can be done in WaveLab but in REAPER I can do it much more efficiently with some nice extra features.

Within WL, you can do the same by having a montage for each song with external FX, and then use that as a Superclip to create a montage for all songs.