Is there any way to change this horizontal scrolling behavior when playing back in Galley View?

I would ideally like the scrolling to keep the note I first select in the position it’s currently in (in the center of the screen). Here’s what I selected:

And here’s what happens as soon as I start playing (the cursor and playback line moves to the far left, where it remains):

Wouldn’t it feel more natural for it to scroll from the position on my computer screen where I first selected “Play” (with the playback line remaining - in this case - in that more central-screen position as the music scrolled right to left, etc.)? I find this other default scrolling behavior so distracting that it’s unfortunately unusable.

I guess the solution is for me to DE-select “follow playback line” and then manually move the screen horizontally with my mouse as the music is playing, but I was “lazily” hoping for something that would re-fresh automatically in a more logical way (with “follow playback” selected), or (with "follow playback line de-selected), once the playback line got to the far right of the screen that it would automatically refresh the screen to the next portion of music and move the playback line to the far left, etc…

Thanks for any thoughts!

  • D.D.


Uncharacteristically, Leo, I think that’s a really unhelpful link you’ve posted. Don’t just link to a multi-page, ranty thread full of complaints that are almost completely unrelated.

D.D., what you should find happens during playback in galley view is that the playhead proceeds towards the right-hand side of the viewport, and only when it reaches the right-hand side should it cause the music to jump, and it will move the music leftwards so that the playhead line is then at the left-hand side of the viewport. The playhead will then move across the window, and the music won’t move again until the playhead reaches the right-hand side of the viewport, at which point it will jump again such that the playhead is back at the left-hand side of the viewport again, and so on. The intent is that Dorico will only move the music when necessary, so it moves it as infrequently as possible, and moves it as far as possible each time it moves it.

Something was definitely acting up when I tried it the first time but can’t yet re-produce it. The behavior you just described (when “Follow Playback during playback” is checked) seems to now BASICALLY be what you’ve described, above. However, it is interesting that if I select a note from which to start playing that’s from the far left of my visible screen in Galley View and start playing, when it gets to the far right the cursor sporadically disappears entirely and then recovers (becomes visible again) only when it’s towards the middle of the refreshed screen (initially), and then from then on when it refreshes, it starts in the middle of the screen and proceeds to the right before refreshing (instead of from the far left as you describe). I can live with this, but it feels it bit unpredictable at present still, unfortunately.

A related question: I presume there’s no way (and sorry if this has been much discussed) to have a playback mode in Galley View where you select at note at the center of the screen, and the screen scrolls right to left such that the current playback note remains in the middle of the screen as the music plays (at least as an option?) (just checking!)

  • D.D.

Noted, Daniel, and I apologise for the lack of explanation. In the heat of the moment it bugged me that D.D. had posted a new thread within minutes of the “whack-a-mole” thread being updated, and it didn’t occur to me that the topic subject, “Dorico has the whack-a-mole disease”, doesn’t usefully describe any particular problem until you’ve clicked to open the thread.

D.D. - No, there’s currently no option “where you select at note at the center of the screen, and the screen scrolls right to left such that the current playback note remains in the middle of the screen as the music plays”.

I’ve actually been following the longstanding “whack-a-mole” thread but didn’t think it addressed the issue. There still is an occasional bug that’s definitely happening (which goes away when I close/re-open my program), such that occasionally the screen scrolls with the cursor remaining at the far left as the music plays (ie. without it advancing across the screen) - very strange…

  • D.D.

Hello, does anyone know if there are plans to have scrolling options during playback? It would be really helpful to me (and the musicians I work with) if it were possible to leave the play head in the middle of the window and have the music scroll constantly to update the current position. That way you can always see what was and what will be, rather than have sudden jumps. Best, Michael

There are no current plans for that kind of scrolling, but I would never say never.

Thanks for the reply, Daniel. I can see why it wouldn’t be anywhere near a priority. The reason I’d like it is because more and more the musicians I work with read off a screen. And when syncing with electronics is needed, I use a screenshot video of Dorico ‘playing’ the score. Works really well but the jumps are a little tricky. Cheers, Michael

just my 2c. I recently updated my main monitor to 43". Yay for me.

Anyway, it makes it a lot more difficult to keep track of and find the play head when reviewing playback. If there was an option to keep the playhead in the middle and scroll the score it would be great on larger monitors.

The reason it’s useful to know where the playhead is, is when you hear something and you think “I want to change that”. If you then have a search and rescue problem to locate the part of the score that was being played it chews a little bit of time.

This might seem trivial but when the playhead is moving rapidly, you can lose track really quickly of where you need to be looking.

I don’t think this is possible now, but I would really like to request a play from left-most visible measure option like Finale has. As I’m usually working in the middle of the screen, getting a bit of a running start from the left of the visible music is great for context. Yes, I can click a note on the far left and press P, but it would be great to have the option to just be able to hit the space bar and automatically have it play from the left of the screen in Galley.

I use “Play From Leftmost Measure” almost exclusively in Finale, but Dorico’s solution is much more flexible.
While I can see the advantage of a scrolling mode that keeps the active notes in the center, I can only imagine what an incredible burden that would place on the processors.

If you think about it, the average amount of work to generate the notation is the same either way. It takes the same amount of real time before one screenful of notes has to be completely replaced by the next one.

Assuming you have a reasonably modern PC, the actual scrolling will be done by the graphics processor (GPU) which is much more powerful than the CPU at doing its one-trick-pony thing - i.e. displaying graphics.

The downside of this type of continuous scrolling is that it can induce motion sickness, though.

Good point: the motion sickness should be left to my music, not the scrolling. :frowning: