is there any way to detach and move the "Markers" window?

I’m finding Markers an incredibly useful as a way to quickly get around a large orchestral score I’m working on (that has attached video). What would be even better is if I could detach the Markers list so I can move it to my 2nd screen and was just curious if there was any way to do this I’m missing (or if something like this might be planned). Much thanks!

  • D.D.

In a word, no. And it’s not currently planned (we don’t have any plans to make any of the panels around the side of the window detachable).

Ok - I’ll continue to use command-0 to hide/show all panels (including the one with the Markers list) (though this only works when I’ve already opened it in Write mode). Would be nice to at least have a Key Command to open that Markers List.


  • D.D.

You can use Command-9 to open/close the right-hand panel; it would be possible to set a key command to open the Video panel specifically but it would require manual surgery of the JSON file. The magic string you would need to assign a shortcut to is:


Attempting to mess with that file directly admittedly fills me with deep anxiety :slight_smile:…If you end up adding it as an assignable shortcut in the future I can make do without (since I’d hate to ask you to mess with my file directly again, etc.)…

  • D.D.