Is there any way to export in pdfs emojis in text?

I’m adding emojis to text, but when I export it to PDF or SVG, they disappear (not in PNG or print). Is there any option I can turn on?


Unfortunately not at the moment, no.

Ok, thanks!

after our exchanges p.m and as it is ok for you, here is a solution to share:
If your computer does not have a Segoe UI Emoji font, you can easily find it on the net: seguiemj.ttf

You can then use it in Dorico by putting the right code. Personally I copy and paste from this site:

Like this

And now you can export in svg and pdf
But as I told you, it could happen that your client or reader of the pdf created does not have the font on her computer, so it might be necessary to go through a software like affinity publisher or designer for export with text as curved
Best regards

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Thanks @Dup !!!
Super well explained! I’ll try!