is there any way to have a series of notes I select "play 2nd time" only (etc)?

I have an opening 4 bars of a big band chart. It includes a rhythm section vamp, plus horn parts that I will cue and which currently have the instruction “enter on cue” I’ve added with staff text above each horn part in the score. My question: is there any way to have this 4 bar section (currently with repeat markers around it) set up such that I can indicate using the software to only play back the horn parts the 2nd time, etc. (just to approximate what I’m going for when I play it back?) If not, this would be useful but just wanted to check.
Thanks and best -

  • D.D.

No, sorry. Not at present.

Hopefully for the future then. Certainly in jazz it’s of course quite common to have repeats but to have “play 2nd x only” or “play on cue” only indications, so it would be nice to be able to approximate that on playback. There presumably also isn’t yet a way to use ACTUAL 1rst and 2nd endings, but to indicate to play certain selected material only the 1rst or 2nd x, etc.? (I’m presuming similarly not but just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything)…

  • D.D.

IIRC the ability to have a part play on a specific repeat is on the roadmap.