Is there any way to have a VST get a bank and patch select, rather than program select?

To explain in a little more detail: If I have a MIDI track in Cubase 9.5 assigned to a hardware output (or the MS softsynth which works like a hardware output) I see bank and patch selection boxes where I can choose what I want it to request as such

When I change to a VST, that changes to a program select that will open a window to choose a patch when clicked as such

That’s fine for things like Halion Sonic that know how to populate that list, but not all VSTs do. I do have some that know how to respond to bank/patch changes though. So what I’d like to be able to do is to specify the bank/patch like I do with a hardware output, but when it is being sent to a VST.

Is there any way to tell Cubase to show the GUI for bank/patch when the output of the channel is routed to a VSTi?


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Some of the softsynths like native instruments massive and fm8 have this functionality but it depends on the developer AFAIK.

For sure it varies by the synth, like if the synth can respond to patch changes or not, and of course it would also be on the synth to export the list of patches it has to the program sector in Cubase. What I’m wondering is if I have a synth that doesn’t export a list for the program selector, but does respond to basic numeric control changes, is there a way I can get the interface in the first picture, the one I see for hardware outs, for that synth instead of the program selector?

Could you let us know which VSTs take the Bank CC & PC MIDI data to select the presets? Did you find a way for this? Am intereted as I’d like to find out how and which VSTs, too.