Is there any way to prevent expression maps from sending midi messages on transport stop?


I love expression maps and use them liberally across my template of hundreds of tracks. However, every time I press stop, or worse for a film/tv composer advance frame-by-frame using the key command ‘Transport - Nudge +1 frame’, messages are sent to every connected instrument or plugin attached to a track that is using expression maps. This slows frame-by-frame scrolling down significantly!

I have tested this extensively. Removing all expression maps speeds up ‘Transport - Nudge +1 frame’ markedly. Re-instating them slows everything down because (reset?) messages have to be sent from hundreds of tracks before the next frame can be advanced.

Any suggestions? Workarounds?

Cheers - Brett


I’m just thinking, what about if you disable the Latch Mode in the Expression Map Setup window?

Another one, I could imagine would be just to disable Chase Events in the Preferences > MIDI.

Hi Martin

Many thanks for your reply.

Disabling latch mode has no effect; midi signals are still sent on stop but only from those tracks using expression maps. This is visible on the little midi indicators flashing in Kontakt for example.

The midi (reset?) messages on stop occurs even if all chase events are off in the preferences, and also if ‘reset on stop’ is switched off.

Love to know if anyone has found a way around this problem because it significantly slows down the responsiveness of moving the transport. This is especially noticeable with 100+ tracks with expression maps (not uncommon in large orchestral templates) when advancing frame-by-frame using ‘Transport - Nudge +1 frame’