Is There Any Way to Rename CC's?


I often have several to many CC lanes displayed. With different libraries which have different parameters controlled by different CC’s, it gets hard to keep track of which CC corresponds to which parameter. Is there any way to change the names displayed on the lanes (or the names of the CC’s themselves) to something more useful than the just the numeric CC#? For example: “CC12 Vib Rate” or “CC13 Slide Time” instead of the default “CC 12” and “CC13”?

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I don’t think it’s currently possible, but you can use the Notepad in the project window inspector to write down which CCs do what things in each track.

Thanks Romantique! Too bad it’s not currently possible. Do you know if there are any plans to implement that in the future? In the meantime, I like the Notepad idea. It’s a feature I don’t often think about, and always underutilize.

I don’t remember anyone from Steinberg bringing it up, but Cubase’s interface and code are in the middle of a HUGE revamp (starting with Cubase 7/7.5), so a lot of old feature requests such as this might finally be implemented in the future.