Is there any way to separate the 4 mixers?

Since the Mix Window and Project window have separate configuration modes, I was wondering if it was possible to separate the 4 mix windows.

I would like to place mixer one in the left monitor and mixer 2 in the right monitor and be able to control separate functions on various channels between the two. I know that you can have dual channel view WITH Nuage hardware. But is something similar possible within the DAW itself utilizing the multiple mixers? If so, HOW do I change the mixer functions from “Cloned” to “Dual/Multiple?” :question:

Ctrl + click on the “e” buttons to get multiple edit channels.
I don’t quite get what you call cloned mixers.
You can unlink the mixers and get them with totally different layout and memorize that.
Is is what you’re after ?

Is that the key phrase above? You want to control one thing on one mixer only with one command, as opposed to spanning over several? In that case I have no idea if that works. My guess would be ‘no’.

I would like to be able to see two different channels at once. I tried your “Ctrl + click on the “e” buttons” suggestion. But all I’m seeing is one open channel that switches to the newly selected channel.

I called the mixers cloned because it’s the same mixer 4 times. I use one to work in conjunction with the project window, for mixing/editing and a second stretched across both monitors when I’m ready to mix. But if I adjust anything on one mixer, that same function will be adjusted on all 4. If that’s not cloned, what should I call it?

Yeah, I have them UNLINKED. But I can’t get separate channel views. The closest I have gotten is to open a channel in one mixer, while looking at the channel strip on the second mixer. I wanted to open 2 channels. I’m starting to think this is a Nuage ONLY function.

I think we (not you) are confused.

I have four mixers that I open/close as I see fit.

#1 mirrors channel selection of project window
#2 is mostly unused
#3 is a ‘mix’ setup with all essential groups etc (and previously VCAs… but, you know…)
#4 is all the mixes/stems on outputs, so that I can easily see if the right signals are going to the right stems

So, because of the above, #4 has no audio tracks, #3 has no outputs, and #1 usually only the audio tracks I’m working on at any given time. So they’re all different.

I have key commands set to toggle the visibility of channel types in the mixers. If I click my “groups” key in mixer 3 it will toggle groups. If I make them invisible in mixer 3 they can still be visible in 1 or 2.

So I’m not sure what “adjust anything” means when you’re referring to it.

Here, I have 2 mixers open. The Open channel on the left is what I want DUPLICATED on the right. But instead of the kick channel view, I want to see the bass channel view. As you can clearly see that, even if I’m looking at the bass on the channel strip, the kick channel has the attentioned focus, as i indicated by the hi-lighted “e” button.

In Nuage, you can see 2 different channels open at the same time.

I’m asking how this is done (can it be done) without the hardware?

Ok, I understood that. When you wrote “if I adjust anything on one mixer, that same function will be adjusted on all 4.” it sort of hinted to me that maybe you have a ‘bigger’ problem since that’s not true for me - regardless of opening 2 independent channel views. In other words, perhaps the reason you’re not able to open up two of those views is the same reason “anything” changes on all 4 mixers together.

For me, on Win 7, Nuendo 7.1, ALT+“E” (symbol) will open up a second window from a different mixer (on same screen mind you)… so not “ctrl” but “alt”…

Yep, that did it! ALT+“E” worked for me (across both screens). :smiley: Thanks a lot!! :sunglasses:

Yeah alt + E. Sorry I wrote this from an hôtel room (in Croatia) from memory. I have to relearn all my modifier key. :smiley:
Glad you got it sorted out.
And thanks Mathias for correcting my approximation.

Ok, so, now that I’ve got the ability to see 2 channel views at once, is there a way to assign the placement, so that channel 1 always shows up on the left and channel 2 always shows up on the right?

The way it is now the second one always shows up on top of the first and I have to separate them manually. Is there anyway to avoid that step? :question:

Does this happen when you keep opening the same plug ins as well?

Create a workspace that has the two where you want them. But… you may find, as I have, that the assignments to the open channel settings windows get lost when reopening the project or recalling the workspace, which is an ongoing serious annoyance over here, since version 6 (please see my incessant posts on the subject):


Damn, you’ve been waiting on a reply since last year?! That’s ridiculous! I wish I could help you on that one. But I’ve got to ask how to create a work space? Before this dual channel view concern, I just had the open channel come up right over the mixer. I had placement for plugins to open in certain sections of the mixer or sometimes in the project window, which they would do consistently after placement.

Are you saying that I can create a separate window just to house open channels, plugs, etc? I never knew that. Could you walk me through that process?

Basically, you arrange everything the way you want to see it, go up to the workspaces menu (or use the “add workspace” button on your MC Control, name the workspace and use “Organize Workspaces” to place it where you wish in the selection hierarchy. I have my favorite workspaces assigned to buttons on my MC Control. Is ultra-convenient, except for the referenced assignment memory issue. Figuring out how to manage global versus project workspaces also takes a little bit of practice, research and head-banging (the manual helps a little), but once you have it wired, it’s pretty cool.

I don’t know if the assignment recall issue is a problem on PCs–nobody’s ever responded to my complaints. I figured it was an esoteric enough issue that I was the only one here on the forums that was really bothered by it.

But I am bothered by it plenty!


Not working very well here. I opened 2 channels and set up the comparison view. Then I went to the workspaces tab and told it to add the new workspace. I named it Dual Channels and hit save. My screen went nuts, resizing the mixer and project windows and throwing them all askew! :open_mouth: I re-set everything and tried again, using the update workspace option. Everything stayed in position. But when I toggled back and forth between setups, the second channel still covers the first. So, that’s no better than I started. I just ended up with two of the same setups. :frowning:

So, I wouldn’t call that a success. I guess now we could start a club (LOL). Thanks anyway.

Wow. In its own way, about as irritating as my issue. At least my windows stay where they’re supposed to be. Workspaces is a great feature, but it sure needs some work. It’s actually deteriorated over time…Good luck, solution-wise!


What do you want to name the club (LOL)? :laughing: