Is there any way to turn of the auto-ranged MIDI display?

My biggest gripe with Cubase’s appearance at the moment is the hideous auto-ranged MIDI display in the project window. Complete idiocy, as discussed previously (although I can’t find the thread, in case what I was asking for has already been answered).

Is there any way to turn this moronic display off and get back to a display which does something worthwhile and functional (i.e. how it was before someone changed it to justify their job?)

Why don’t you grow up and stop the tirades just because you find something you don’t agree with? Maybe if you spent more time with the manual before posting your hideous, idiotic and moronis threads you’d find the answer yourself.

Doesn’t bother me. I’m too busy working. :mrgreen: Can’t be bothered spending my day looking for bugs to complain about. Cubase is too expensive and too big for that and I’m not a rich kid with nothing to do. :mrgreen: