Is there any way to turn off Alt key toggling drop-down menu shortcut in Windows?

Whenever I use key commands with alt keys(e.g. alt+arrows), drop-down menu shortcuts are toggled that disables dorico’s object selection by arrow keys. I need to press alt key again to turn it off so that I can move the selection through the score with arrow keys. I couldn’t locate this simple alt key command in key-command option. Is there any way to change the toggling of drop-down menu shortcut to other key?

You should find that provided you don’t release the Alt key before you depress the second key to execute the command, the command does work as expected.

There’s no setting within Dorico to affect the Alt key for menu accelerators, as this is a system-wide Windows feature, and not a Dorico feature.

Thank you Daniel for the answer. I found that I often press alt-key, thinking about editing some notes, then change my mind and release alt-key; which toggles the menu accelerator. I searched for a way to change windows’ alt-key behavior, but seems very difficult to change it. So I will live with it.