Is there any way to undo accidental audio warp/time stretching in Cubase 12?

So I’ve been doing a multitrack recording of an original rock song with my band. I use Cubase 12 Pro. I recently comped all the rhythm guitar parts and they were all in time with the rest of the tracks. Then the other day when I was mixing the song, I noticed some parts of the rhythm guitar tracks had gone out of sync with the rest of the tracks. I also noticed the AudioWarp Quantise button in the top left was switched on, so maybe I accidently clicked this and have inadvertently caused some sort of audio warping on the rhythm guitar track.

Anyway, I switched the AudioWarp button off then went back to an earlier version of the song I had saved as a Cubase project, with all the takes in there, before I’d comped then. In the old project, the rhythm parts were perfectly in time. So I deleted the out of sync rhythm parts in the current project and tried pasting the takes from the old project into the same location in the song . Much to my frustration, the parts I pasted from the old project were also out of sync when I pasted them into the current project.

I also tried pasting the takes from the old project onto a blank audio track in the current Cubase project, but they still went out of sync.

This leads me to believe the issue isn’t with the source audio files, but with some sort of setting in the tracks of the current project that are causing some sort of time stretching/audio warping. I mean, how can the same piece of audio be in time in one Cubase project, but out of sync in another? The tempos, bit rate and other project settings are the same in each version.

Is there any way to fix this? Also, is it possible to scroll back through the history of all the edits I did in my current Cubase project, so I can see where/when the rhythm guitar parts went out of sync? Does Cubase still store all edit history in saved projects? If so, I can pinpoint what I did (probably accidently) and try and fix it. Thanks.

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When you look at the tracks in the pool window, are any of the musical mode boxes checked? This usually doesn’t matter unless you change tempos, but it’s all that I could think of.