Is there anything in Melodyne 5 Essential that is better than Variaudio?

Melodyne 5 Essential - Are there any useful features not in Variaudio (Cubase 13 Pro). Does it do some things differently in a good way?

I want to avoid another plugin unless it does something useful or better than what I already have!


Variaudio is great. It is fantastic for Cubase users. GUI and workflow are way easier to work with. Maybe the Melodyne algorithms are better, not that I could prove that statement. I own the biggest baddest version of Melodyne, I still use VariAudio a lot. Melodyne has some advanced features I rarely need or know how to use :smiley: Melodyne Essential is to see if you love it then you upgrade, just stick with VariAudio - you can get done most work with it. If it wasn’t for Melodyne was way ahead of its time I wouldn’t own it.

VariAudio is Amazing, but Melodyne’s algorithm is better. I’m using both.


I’ve had Melodyne Studio version since it came out, so I am pretty comfortable with it and know its power, I don’t know the limitations of M. Essentials but for just pitch correction, I personally think that Variaudio2 does as good a job as Melodyne. Very few artifacts and smooth transitions from note to note. If you want to create harmony tracks or do track alignment or anything of that nature, then Melodyne is the best. But for vocal pitch correction, Variaudio 2 is great and easy to use.

Basically what it “does better” in a nutshell, is that it has an upgrade path to Melodyne Studio. With Variaudio 2, that’s all you get for now, until Steinberg eventually maybe gives us Variaudio 3 one day.

So my suggestion would be to look at the features and Youtube videos of Melodyne Studio, and then you’ll get a picture of what Celemony is trying to get you to upgrade to. If that’s something you eventually want to get, then you might as well install your Melodyne Essentials license to get used to their specific workflow so you’ll hit the ground running when you upgrade to Melodyne Studio.

But if you don’t care much for Melodyne Studio’s extra features as a future upgrade for yourself, then just stick with Variaudio 2, it’s great.