Is there anything like Ableton's Audio Effect Rack - chains?

Hey guys, I’m new to the steinberg forum, as well as steinberg products.

I picked up an eLicencer to demo Cubase 8.5 Pro, and i must say… I’m loving it.
I have been using ableton for about 8 years now, but I am considering making the switch over to cubase.

While exploring cubase, there was something that I couldn’t figure out how to do. I will try to explain the best I can.

In Ableton, you can put an “audio effect rack” on your track (where your track inserts would go in cubase).
Within that effect rack, you can create “chains”. Each chain has the original audio going into it, but you can effect each chain individually.
I would make 3 chains and add a Multiband dynamics to each chain, the first chain had the highs solo’d, the second chain had the mids solo’d, and the third chain had the low end solo’d. I was able to add effects to each chain individually.
I could add distortion just to the mids if I wanted, or I could adjust the stereo width of the highs, or mono the low end, whatever I wanted.

So my question is, How would I go about doing this in Cubase? Would I have to create 3 seperate busses and send the original signal to each bus, or is there a better way?

Thanks so much, and thanks for the fantastic products. :slight_smile: