Is there anyway to add silence in multiple places at the same time

Hi, I’ve got myself into a bit of trouble and have 3 hours of dialogue audio files.

I have made the pacing of the dialogue (the silences in between speaking) too fast

The client wants me to increase the pace gap (increase silence in between)

Is there anything in Wavelab that I can specify the length of audio silence (such as auto split markers) say detect 400ms silence

and then do something to add another 300ms to each 400ms silence detected? (anything like insert silence at each marker?)

I also have Nuendo in case there’s something in there that can do this?

I also have the original pacing audio files that are unmastered which have the original pace positions of the dialogue in separate files.

Failing that I will have to do it manually but was just hoping for any process to mitigate the time that will be spent. Grateful for any help.

Yes, I found a way. But it is a bit convoluted…

  1. Use the Auto Split tool to detect silence and create marker regions. But this creates regions around audio material, not around silences. Hence step 2.

  2. Use this tool to “invert” the regions:

  3. Use the Master Section plugins called “Silence”, and the following render settings.
    This will add eg. 500 milliseconds of silence at the start or end of all the existing silent regions.

Lovley PG, Thank you so much. Will give it a go

I think you may be able to achieve the whole thing using auto split. On the ‘Side Silence’ page you can use ‘Insert space between the end marker and the region end’ and select ‘Insert blank audio samples’.