Is there anyway to have a video attached to a "NEGATIVE" beat count number?

I see you can specify in the video settings that the video start on the “flow attachment position” of (for example) quartet note beat 1,2,3 (etc). But is there anyway to have a video start 2 beats EARLIER than the actual score start (such as on quarter note beat “-2” relative to the start of the Flow?) I’m asking this specifically because I often use your excellent video syncing to sync a static image containing a stereo audio track (bounced from Logic) of elements I’m trying to lock in (so I can sync just audio), and occasionally I edit something in Dorico that results in my wishing I could start the video earlier to keep things lined up. If not, is this something you’d consider for the future?
Much thanks!

  • D.D.

If you specify a long pre-roll value in the Playback Options dialog then I think you will hear the soundtrack of the video playing during that pre-roll period. You can then make the video start at the appropriate position at the start of the flow, e.g. 10 seconds in or whatever, but if you provide a 10 second pre-roll then you’ll see that part of the video when you play back from the start of the flow.

I thought about that but I guess I was just hoping there could be a way in the future to specify the negative offset in terms of musical divisions like quarter notes. This is because when I make tweaks sometimes the syncing gets off but it’s usually by a nice round quarter note or two, and there’d be a lot more trial and error involved to figure it out in terms of seconds (although that certainly could also be done if necessary)…

Perhaps this is why cues in Hollywood scores often start out with ten or so empty measures (at least in their original MIDI iterations).