Is there Auto Sync in Cubase

Is there a way to automatically sync multiple audio tracks from different recording sources. I do Video and have audio from different cameras and a recorder and need to synch the audio for editing.


Not as far as I know, unless it’s been added recently.

It’s fairly easy to do manually though in the Project window - just line up the waveform, zoom in, line it up closer and so on.

Hey ffg,
Thanks for the reply. Yea, I was afraid of that. It’s kind of a pita when I have 4 cameras and a master audio track, each cam has 4-5 clips. This is 5 tracks of audio that needs to be synced, multiply that by 5 clips each and that’s a lot of tedious work.

I’ve been using a plug-in for my video software (Vegas Pro 12), to sync the audio and export each audio track. Every audio track is exactly the same length, then import into Cubase.

I’d be much more efficient just import the audio directly from the video clips, sync and start editing the audio.

I could edit the audio in Vegas but Cubase is so much better.

Can anyone else use such a feature or am I the only one??? (;

The proper way of doing is to record time code stamped broadcast WAV files and video to begin with. Then you can line up all the sound clips with a mouse click.
Mozegear makes a small and pretty cheap time code box that can send time code to both real cameras and DSLRs along with an audio track. I use the Timecode Buddy system and it’s really a buddy when it comes to time code - but it costs quite a bit of money.

But in your case I guess you need the PluralEyes software to line up all the sound clips.

Nuendo has better functionality working with post production. Pro Tools has a nice feature that lines up audio files by reading recorded SMPTE-sync on one audio track and convert it to time code.


Thanks Fred for the suggestions.
I use PluralEyes and it works well in Vegas Pro 12. The cameras I’m using are consumer grade so unfortunately, doesn’t have SMTP time code capabilities.


Vocalign ?

Okay. Well the Mozegear TC boxes sends one channel TC as audio and one audio track on mini jack, perfect for syncing consumer cameras.