Is there away to open old sessions and the output etc uses current system setting?

Is this possible? For example every old session I open doesnt have the monitors assigned, maybe i just have to save settings, its a fresh install…

Also, any tips for when you open really old sessions and the VSTi is a super old version and doesn’t open an equivalent etc.

your old projects will open with the output as you have currently set up Cubase.

if you have 32-bit plugins, if you have plugins no longer compatible there is nothing else to do but find a replacement.

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Old sessions will load with old audio connections. Reload your newest audio connection preset in those projects (create a preset if you don’t have already) and save the project, then they should open with the new I/O.

PS: Every audio connection tab has its own preset.

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Nope there is no way to do that, if the plugin manufacturer did not code the new version to replace the old one. If I am not mistaken its an inbuilt Plugin ID hardcoded into the Plugin dll/vst file. There is nothing Cubase can do, if its a different ID.

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yes, i assumed so… its just some super old projects that don’t have the sound named or whatever lol it would be nice…

From now on im rendering and committing everything lol

If you still have a dongle you can run older versions of Cubase that will work with the old VSTi. Render that to Audio and import that Audio into Cubase12.


You can still use old 32bit plugins by using a wrapper/bridge such as jBridge or Metaplugin.

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